Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968 by Jinggong Group. It was completed in 1968 and completed the shareholding system transformation in 2000. It was successfully listed in 2004 (stock code: 002006), which is the first batch of listed companies of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The leader of special equipment technology and the promoter of industrial upgrading, mainly engaged in research and development, production of high-tech products such as solar photovoltaic special equipment, carbon fiber composite equipment, new building energy-saving equipment, textile special equipment, robot intelligent equipment, etc. Sales and technical services, is the leading domestic solar photovoltaic technology research and solar photovoltaic special equipment manufacturing industry; domestic first-class 1000-ton carbon fiber composite equipment manufacturing enterprises; internationally complete, highly competitive steel structure construction, new building materials Well-known enterprises equipped; domestic well-known light textile special equipment production base, a number of sub-products occupy a dominant position in the market.

The company has international advanced core technology and more than 40 years of special equipment manufacturing experience, Dongcheng "brave innovation, excellence" spirit of enterprise and "professional, focused, technology-leading" business philosophy, with domestic well-known institutions of higher learning and overseas Partner cooperation and its own research and development strength, has undertaken more than 100 national, provincial, municipal, scientific research projects, successfully developed more than 150 kinds of high-end, high value-added products, with more than 100 national patents, more than 50 products It has won the National, Ministry, Province, City and County Science and Technology Progress Awards and has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions.

In the future, we will continue to promote the corporate development strategy, and the previous thinking will further enhance the innovation of the enterprise. Fully mobilize the technical reserves and talents in the field of special equipment, and constantly improve and improve the intelligent manufacturing production system. At the same time, we actively integrate resources and rely on the capital platform to create a corporate brand image. We will create value for our customers through leading technology, excellent products and excellent service, and create a world-class intelligent special equipment supplier with obvious advantages in core industries.

Company culture

Corporate mission

We explore new materials and technologies that affect the future and build sustainable value between the environment and development

Enterprise vision

Create value for customers through leading technology, excellent products and excellent service, and create a world-class intelligent special equipment supplier with obvious advantages in core industries

The spirit of enterprise

Based on the enterprise spirit of Dare to innovate and strive for excellence,based on the global high-tech equipment quality standards, we will build an internationally advanced core technology and equipment system

Business philosophy

With the business philosophy of professional focus, technology leadership, independent innovation, continuous improvement of industry advanced and leadership, leading the industry development

Organizational structure
National High-Tech Enterprise
Shaoxing Mayor Quality Award
Shaoxing Mayor Award
Shaoxing County Quality Award
National machinery industry labor model
Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise
Zhejiang outstanding technological innovation enterprise
Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center
Member of China Building Material Machinery Industry Association
China Building Material Machinery Industry brand
China's signature industry for soundproofing
Chinese wall machinery leading enterprise
Zhejiang demonstration of innovative SMEs
National CAD Application Engineering Demonstration Enterprise
National CAD Application Demonstration Enterprise
Zhejiang Province Information Economy Innovation Leading Enterprise
Zhejiang famous brand
Zhejiang export brand
Shaoxing Quality Management Star Enterprise
Shaoxing Keqiao District Zhongcai Ai Cai Advanced Unit



















January 23: "A Device for Loading and Unloading Ingots" and "An Ingot Furnace with Movable Side Heaters" obtained utility model patents.

January 27: JGST held the 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference as well as New Year Welcome Reception.


February 1:"An automatic tube changing device for air texturing machine" obtained a utility model patent.

February 21: The Organization Department of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee investigated JGST.

February 22: "A Kind of Diamond Wire Winding Device" obtained a utility model patent.


March 8: "A Main Line Wheel Connection Structure" obtained a utility model patent.

March 12: The thousand-ton high-performance carbon fiber production line and carbon fiber microwave graphitization production line appeared at the JEC World in Paris.

March 22: JGST participated in the training activities of special military cadres and militia cadres in Keqiao District.

March 23: Professor Zhao Wenbing from Cleveland State University and his team investigated JGST.

March 24: JGST participated in the Batimatec expo in Algeria.

March 27: The JGST League Branch of Youth League was awarded the honorary title of "2018 Keqiao District Advanced League Branch".

March 28: The JGT1000V false twist texturing machine appeared at the 17th Indo Intertex in Indonesia.

March 29: The JGR16 robot intelligent grasping control system was unveiled at the 18th Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Equipment Manufacturing Expo.


April 8: JGST’s wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Jingheng Data Co., Ltd. successfully passed the three-system certifications on site.

April 8: JGST’s "JCTX300 Thousand-Ton Carbon Fiber Production Line" passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal.

April 10: JGST participated in the UTECH Las Americas in Mexico.

April 10: JGST participated in the Vietnam International Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition.

April 15: JGST participated in the 125th China Import and Export Fair (the Spring Canton Fair).

April 21: JGST participated in the 2019 China (Shanghai) Data Center Expo.

April 21: JGST participated in the 19th EPower expo and the National Electric Power Industry Resource Docking Conference.

April 25: JGST participated in Roof India expo.


May 7: "A Cylinder Docking Device" and "A Self-Cleaning Anti-Wrapping Roller Device for Carbon Fiber Production Line" obtained utility model patents.

May 10: "A Corrugated Plate Welding Control System Based On Beckhoff System" obtained invention patent.

May 31: "A Roller Mounting Structure of Roller Table Bracket" and "A Multi-Head Tank Winding Machine" obtained utility model patents.


June 4: "A Wire Collecting Frame for Carbon Fiber Graphitization Production Line" and "A Structure for Adjusting the Height of the Air Seal" obtained utility model patents.

June 11: The third general meeting of Zhejiang Textile Machinery Standardization Technical Committee and the 2019 annual meeting was successfully held in JGST.

June 11: "A Hot Air Circulating Drying Furnace Based On the Combination of Infrared Radiation and Electric Heating", "A Wind Speed Adjustment Mechanism for Hot Air Circulating Drying Furnace" and "A Boom Mechanism That Prevents Muffle Top Plates from Deforming at High Temperatures" received utility model patents.

June 12: JGST participated in the 13th International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition.

June 14: " A Filter Screen Cleaning Device for Continuous Operating Carbon Fiber Vertical Non-Contact Drying Equipment" obtained a utility model patent.

June 21: "A Pulping System for Graphitized Carbon Fiber Production Line" and "A Carbon Fiber Plasma Surface Treatment Device" obtained utility model patents.

June 25: Jin Yueshun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of JGST, won the honorary title of "National Machinery Industry Model Worker".

June 28: The second thousand-ton carbon fiber production line of Jilin Jinggong Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. was successfully commissioned and put into use.


July 23: Termination of investment in the form of convertible bonds "Shenzhen Xinyuren Technology Co., Ltd.

July 23: Shen Zhijiang, Secretary of the Keqiao District Committee, with his entourage came to JGST to carry out three service activities.


August 21: JGST was awarded the "Zhejiang Famous Export Brand" enterprise.


September 3: JGST participated in the 25th China Composites Expo.

September 10: JGST was selected into the "Five Stars and Double Strengths" two new organizations in Shaoxing City.


October 11: "A Kind of Brake Self-Locking Device for Curing Kiln" and "A Kind of Wire Wheel Device for Diamond Wire Slicer" obtained utility model patents.

October 15: JGST participated in the 126th China Import and Export Fair (the Autumn Canton Fair).

October 18: "A Kind of Natural Gas Heating System for Curing Kiln" obtained a utility model patent.

October 25: JGST passed the certification of intellectual property management system.


November 7: JGST participated in the 18th China International Exposition of Housing Industry, Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization.

November 13: JGST participated in JEC Asia Composites Trade Show.

November 15: JGST Basketball Group Championship ended successfully, and the team from Robotic Intelligent Equipment took the crown.

November 18: JGST’s cabinet digitalized workshop project with annual output of 250,000 units (sets) was selected into the 2019 Zhejiang Province Digitalized Workshop Smart Factory List.

November 20: JGST participated in the 2019 Data Center Standards Summit.


December 5: The JCTX300 thousand-ton carbon fiber production line won the title of the first (set) of this kind in Zhejiang Province.

December 6: Leaders from the Economy and Information Bureau of Xindu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province investigated JGST’s wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Jingheng Data Co., Ltd.

December 15: JGST won the title of "2019 Outstanding Enterprise in Building Materials Machinery Industry", and the company's chairman Jin Yueshun was awarded the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur in Building Materials Machinery Industry".


23rd: Zhejiang Jinghong Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, completed the registration procedures.
19th: Jinggong Technology transferred 18% equity of Jiangsu Bangyuan New Energy Co., Ltd.
5th: Jinggong Technology and Kunming University of Science and Technology held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.
5th: Jinggong Technology was selected as the list of key enterprises in the “Made in China 2025 Zhejiang Action Plan” to support provincial key enterprises.


27th: "A conveyor roller gear meshing mechanism" and "a fixed length mechanism for a steel plate forming machine" obtained a utility model patent.
23rd: “A kind of suction waste yarn device” and “a polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber low-carbon gas-sealed high-temperature nitrogen purging device” obtained a utility model patent.
6th: Jinggong Technology held the 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference.
2nd: Jinggong Technology held the "2018 Retired Staff Spring Festival Tea Party".


30th: “A winder drive mechanism for loading and unloading spindles” obtained a utility model patent.
23rd: "An online replacement of the carbon fiber pre-oxidation furnace return air outlet mesh plate device" obtained a utility model patent.
22nd: Jinggong Technology and Keqiao District Fire Brigade and Huashe Police Station held a fire safety drill with the theme of “safety first, prevention first”.
22nd: Jinggong Science and Technology "JGT1000X polyester ammonia integrated false twisting machine" won the third prize of Shaoxing Science and Technology Award.
9th: Chairman and Mr. Feng Guang of Hangzhou Gear Group visited Jinggong Technology.
9th: “A blanking device for the cabinet's nine-fold plate profile” and “a straightening mechanism for a steel plate forming machine” obtained a utility model patent.


27th: Jinghui Technology Chen Huiping and Yu Yujun won the honor of “Top Ten Craftsmen”.
15th: Jinggong Technology participated in the 123rd Spring Canton Fair.
15th: Jinggong Robot debuted at the 2018 National Robot Development Forum and the RoboCup Robot World Cup China Tournament.
4th: Jinggong Technology participated in the 2018 Indonesia International Textile Machinery Exhibition.


31st: Ma Weiguang, secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, and his team investigated Jinggong Technology.
31st: Completion of the company's 2017 annual equity distribution.
29th: “A new heat exchanger for carbon fiber production line” obtained a utility model patent.
28th: Jinggong Technology JXQ800A Diamond Wire Slicer was unveiled at the 12th (2018) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition.
24th: The Jinggong Science and Technology Committee organized the theme building activity of “Concentration, Youthfulness and Enthusiasm”.
23rd: Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Sheng Yuechun and his team investigated Jinggong Technology.
22nd: “A concrete transportation dispatching device”, “A corrugated board lifting conveyor mechanism”, “An online cleaning carbon fiber pre-oxidation furnace return air outlet mesh plate device”, “A pre-oxidizing furnace spray spray” The water supply system has obtained utility model patents.
8th: Jinggong Science and Technology Committee held the third member representative assembly.


26th: Jinggong Technology was awarded the “Zhejiang Foreign Expert Workstation”.
26th: 52 employees of Jinggong Technology were selected as “10,000 craftsmen's library” in Keqiao District.
23rd: Hangzhou Zhongheng Third Data Center Group Friendship Visited Jinggong Technology.
12th: Jinggong Technology participated in the demonstration training class for party workers in the two new organizations in Keqiao District.


24th: "An automatic cutting machine for a continuous production line of marble composite panels" obtained a utility model patent.
19th: Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee carried out a party building learning activity to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party.


29th: Jinggong Technology completed the election of the seventh board of directors, the board of supervisors, the professional committee, and the appointment of management.
22nd: Dr. Li Binglin and Dr. Yang Jian from the post-doctoral workstation of Jinggong Technology successfully opened the issue.
17th: Yang Lan, secretary of the Party Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, and his party investigated the Jilin Jinggong carbon fiber industry.
8th: Jinggong Technology participated in the 16th China International Polyurethane Exhibition.
7th: Yan Wei, director of the Talent Office of Keqiao District, and his team investigated the Jinggong robot.
4th: The shareholding increase plan of the controlling shareholder Jinggong Group Co., Ltd. was completed.
1st: Jinggong Technology launched a two-month “Safe Production Month” campaign with the theme of “Strengthening the Safety Legal System and Safeguarding Safe Production”.
1st: A breakthrough was made in the effective 1 metre carbon fiber microwave graphitization production line jointly developed by Jinggong Technology and Yonghong Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.


22nd: Jinggong Technology invested “Shenzhen Xinyuren Technology Co., Ltd.” in the form of convertible bonds.
20th: Jinggong Technology was awarded 60% equity of Zhejiang Jinggong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held by Chaoyang Technology, and Jinggong New Materials became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinggong Technology.
7th: Jinggong Technology participated in the 24th China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition.
6th: Jinggong Technology "polysilicon ingot furnace" successfully passed the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" certification, and obtained the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" certification, becoming the first domestic polysilicon ingot furnace special equipment industry to pass the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" certification enterprise.


29th: Jinggong Technology organizes employees to conduct health checkups.
26th: “A multifunctional rotor spinning machine” obtained a utility model patent.
15th: Jinggong Technology participates in China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition.
15th: Jinggong Technology participates in China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair).
11th: Jinggong Technology participated in the 17th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industrialization Products Exhibition.


22nd: Jinggong Technology participated in the 6th Asian International Building Industrialization Exhibition.


13th: Jinggong Technology's 10th Staff Technical Competition was successfully concluded.
5th: Jinggong Technology and Zhejiang University of Technology Zhijiang College held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.
3rd: Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee and Party Branch of Shanghai Bank Shaoxing Branch held party building construction activities.


Jan.18  JGST holds the “2017 Spring Welcome Tea Party for the Retired”. 

Jan.17  JGST enterprise technology center is awarded the Excellent Provincial-level Enterprise Center. 

Jan.10  As elites of the machinery industry, Sun Guofei, deputy GM of JGST together with Yuan Huazhong, deputy dean of the research institute are selected respectively into the Keqiao “531” first-grade and second-grade special talents. 

Jan.4  Patent of “A corrugated Web H-beam Welding Line”


Feb.17  “Contract for the Complete Production Line of Large Tow Carbon Fibers” is signed with Jilin Jinggong Carbon Fibers Co. Ltd. 

Feb.15  24 employees of JGST are among the first to be selected into the “Ten Thousand Craftsmen” of Keqiao district. 

Feb.8  EcoVadis, holding a survey of supplier CSR, puts JGST among the 30% of the best doers and grants it the silver certification medal. 

Feb.5  JGST holds the 2016 Annual Awards Ceremony.


Mar.30  Wang Weixing, director of Political Research Department of Ministry of Finance, leads a delegation to JGST for survey and research. 

Mar.8  Utility model patent of “A new-type argon vent for ingot furnace”


Apr. 21  JGST G7 cast single crystal is unveiled at SNEC2017. 

Apr.15  JGST successfully attends the 121st Canton Fair 

Apr.11  Sun Xingsan, deputy director of Shaoxing Economical and Informational Commission, leads a delegation to Jinggong Robots for survey and research.


May 9  Mao Guojian is awarded one of the Ten Best Craftsmen of Keqiao district. 

May 8  Song Chao, deputy mayor of Jangshan city, leads a delegation to JGST.


Jun.30  JGST attends the 22nd Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair. 

Jun. 21  2016 annual interest distribution is well done.


Jul. 28  Design patent of “Vortex spinning combination nozzle” 

Jul.21  Utility model patent of “A new-type manual clutch adjustment device” 

Jul.13  Ye Weihong, member of the Municipal CPC Standing Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, leads a delegation to JGST to guide the United Front work. 

Jul. 11  Utility model patents of “An energy-saving and multi-functional texturing machine, a clamp linkage mechanism for thin-plate folding machine, a folding linkage mechanism for thin-plate folding machine, an auto-feeding mechanism for roll former, a vortex combination nozzle, a removal mechanism for tow surface fiber cutting and a carbon fiber take-up aiding yarn-absorbing small car” 

Jul.6  JGST is awarded the “Labor Guarantee Trusted Model Enterprise”.


Aug.22  JGST is awarded the “2017 Zhejiang Informational Economy Innovational Leading Enterprise”. 

Aug.7 Wangjigang, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, leads a delegation to JGST for survey and research. 

Aug.7  A student summer social practice group from Yuanpei college of Peking University, Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology and Oujiang College of Wenzhou University leads a delegation to JGST for survey and research. 

Aug.4  Utility model patents of “A plate cut-to-length encoder measuring device with buffering auto-adjustment and a high-pressure shot-type alcoholizing device”


Sep.26  Utility model patents of “A constant tension winding system of the carbon fiber tank winding machine” and “A constant tension yarn storage compensating device of the carbon fiber tank winding machine” 

Sep.22  Patent of “A Mobile concrete automatic fabric system” 

Sep.11  The project of intelligent production line with annual output of 250,000 sets(suites) of electronic cabinets is selected as part of 2017 Zhejiang intelligent manufacturing key projects. 

Sep.10  Zhejiang JGST research institute is recognized as the Provincial-level Enterprise Research Institute. 

Sep.8  Jinggong research institute holds the Rising-star Innovation Contest. 

Sep.7  Jinggong Robots successfully attends the 13th Shanghai Int’l Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS 2017).


Oct.20  JInggong Robots meets with Kuka(Shanghai) for 2017 Jinggong-Kuka Intelligent Equipment Technical Seminar. 

Oct.18  JGST Party committee organizes all the Party members to watch the opening ceremony of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. 

Oct.15  JGST successfully attends the 122nd Canton Fair.


Nov.30  The 9th JGST employee tech competition ends successfully. 

Nov.29  JGST, together with Keqiao People’s Armed Force initiates a camp training of the new enrolled militia in 2017. 

Nov.28  “Contract for the Complete Production Line of Large Tow Carbon Fibers” is signed again with Jilin Jinggong Carbon Fibers Co. Ltd. 

Nov.28  JJL Series Polysilicon Ingot Furnace is identified as the first (suite of) product of the key field of Zhejiang equipment manufacturing industry in 2018. 

Nov.4  “National Thousand Talents” program project specialists investigate and survey JGST. 

Nov.2  JGST successfully attends the 2018 International Building Industrialization of Construction Exhibitions Asia.


Dec.29  JGST is rated as an advanced unit for valuing and caring talents in Keqiao district, Shaoxing city. Deputy GM Wei Guojun is awarded one of the first best tech specialists in Keqiao district, Shaoxing city. 

Dec.27  JGST receives the reaffirmation as a national high-tech enterprise. Wholly owned subsidiary Zhejiang Jinggong Precision Processing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. receives the first affirmation as a national high-tech enterprise. 

Dec.26  JGST is re-elected as vice president unit of the 4th board of directors of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce. Jin Yueshun, the chairman of JGST, is re-elected as vice president of the 4th board of directors of CNECC. 

Dec.12  Coming from Golmud, Haixi prefecture, Qinghai province, the Party and government delegation inspects the JGST. 

Dec.11  Zhejiang Jingheng Data Management Co. Ltd. is registered.


28th:Jinggong Science & Technology held“2016 retired workers spring tea party”。

20th:“an automatic control system of cutting machine of steel wire camber” obtain a patent for invention.

6th:“a feeding guide mechanism of steel plate forming machine”、“a molding plate molding machine and auxiliary roller installing and adjusting mechanism”、“a discharging mechanism of steel plate forming machine”、“a workpiece moving positioning device”、“a concrete low frequency compact driving mechanism”、“a double crawler walking mechanism of composite board production line”、“a device installation position device”、“a article auxiliary transmission device”、“a novel pallet turning machine”、“a corrugated plate H steel group welding machine”、“a impact protection device for corrugated plate H steel welding machine”obtained patent for utility models.


2nd:Jinggong Science & Technology convened 2015 Annual Meeting.


23rd:“a support adjusting mechanism of thick plate bending machine” obtain a patent for invention.

22nd:Jinggong Science & Technology Party Committee was awarded by the District Organization Department as“Four star grass roots Party Organizations” again.

17th:Jinggong Science & Technology disclosure of major asset restructuring plan,the company intends to non-public offering of shares and cash payment ways to buy 100% stock right of Shenzhen Pangu Data Co. Ltd..

16th:“a lifting and positioning device for concrete dense mould table” obtained patent for utility models,“a bottom enhanced cooling device and cooling method thereof” obtain a patent for invention。

9th:“a rotary shaft sealing structure applied to concrete mortar environment” obtained patent for utility models.

2nd:“a mobile concrete automatic feeding system”、“a corrugated plate H steel wing plate conveying device”obtained patent for utility models.


27th:Jinggong Science & Technology Pressing roll forming machine、Covered wire machine products was identified as Shaoxing famous brand products again.

20th:Jinggong Science & Technology obtained “China New Energy Ten Year Contribution Award”.

19th:Jinggong Science & Technology 2016 three system external audit ended in a satisfactory way.

15th:Jinggong Science & Technology attended the 119th session Spring Canton Fair.

1st:Institute of district level key enterprises project JGT1200S the deformation of nylon double spindle group false twisting machine accept successfully.


25th:“a temperature control system for a hot box of an elastic machine”obtained patent for utility models.

18th:“a fixed wire frame for unilateral upper filament” obtained patent for utility models.

11th:“a non contact drying tow double blowing device”、“a reciprocating roller cooling circulation device for oxygen furnace”、“a bidirectional convection circulation heating drying roller device” obtained patent for utility models.

5th:Jinggong Science & Technology obtained 2015 “China Building Material Machinery Industry Top 20 and professional leading enterprises”.

4th:Keqiao party secretary Xu Guolong’s group visited Jinggong Science & Technology for research guidance.


29th:“a wire drawing machine of double bundle and walkway system” obtained patent for utility models.

17th:Jinggong Science & Technology“A new generation of ingot furnace recommendation and polysilicon wafer technology seminar" was held successfully in Shaoxing Fulihua hotel, more than 100 representatives of more than 40 PV enterprise attended this meeting.

17th:JGT1200H guide wire Panjin ammonia integrated false twist texturing machine、JJL1600 polysilicon ingot furnace、JGR331 rotor spinning machine、JZW640 multifunctional numerical control bending machine、JPC10 type precast concrete component production line was listed to 2016 the first batch of new product trial production plan.

1st:Jinggong Science & Technology ERP information project formally launched.


31st:Jinggong Science & Technology attended China Concrete and Cement Products Association smoothly.

28th:Jinggong Science & Technology registered trademark “Jingda brand” continue to be recognized as a well-known trademark in Zhejiang by Industry and Commerce Administration of Zhejiang Province,it was certificated again after the first cognizance in 2014.

6th:“a double tow walkway system of wire threading machine”、“a ultrasonic humidification system”obtained patent for utility models.


30th:Zhejiang Jinggong Robot Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. registered and founded.

25th:Special funds in the central budget(Adjustment of industrial structure)investment project annual output of 200 sets JFA231 type rotor spinning machine project passed the acceptance.

24th:“a S+Z false twister”、“For the side chain transmission mechanism of the continuous production line of dual machine polyurethane composite board” obtained patent for utility models.


26th:The Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Li Zhongping and other five experts investigated Jinggong Science & Technology.

22nd:Jinggong Science & Technology organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation.

9th:Jinggong Science & Technology independent research and development JBH type full automatic corrugated web H type steel welding production line project obtained Shaoxing Science and Technology Award the Third Prize and Keqiao Shaoxing Science and Technology Award the First Prize.

7th:“a carbon filament weft heald lifting device” obtained patent for utility models.


26th:Jinggong Science & Technology established the United Front Work of the first business liaison station.

24th:Jinggong Science & Technology’s Purlin roll forming machine、Polyurethane composite board production line、Rotor spinning machine、Compound machine、Roll forming machine、Polysilicon ingot furnace、Covered wire machine and other products were selected to 2016 Shaoxing independent innovation products and quality products recommended directory(the first batch)successfully.

21st:Jinggong Science & Technology attended one of the world's most famous textile machinery exhibition、Chinese textile industry biennial event——China International Textile Machinery Exhibition, ITMA Asia Expo(ITMA ASIA + CITME) Hongqiao, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

10th:vice governor of Zhejiang Province Feng Fei accompanied by vice mayor of Shaoxing Yang Wenxiao,deputy secretary of Keqiao district、warden Ruan Jianyao,vice mayor Zhou Shusen and other leaders of city, district leaders visited Jinggong Science & Technology to  investigate and survey enterprise science and technology innovation work.

8th:Jinggong Science & Technology party committee held “Two learn to do” continuing education and training. 


18th:Jinggong Science & Technology as the first drafting unit,draw up Zhejiang manufacturing standards《Polysilicon Ingot Furnace》was officially released as one of the 100 "made in Zhejiang" standards.

18th:Jinggong Science & Technology held the first liaison meeting of United Front Work of the Forum.

17th:Vice mayor of Keqiao District Wang Zhen’s group visit Jinggong Science & Technology, accompanied by director of company Jin Yueshun and other leaders and held discussion and exchange meeting,field view of the company's production site.

7th:Shaoxing Jingheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. registered and founded.


17th:JJL1200 type polysilicon ingot furnace、JXP1200 type polycrystalline silicon ingot machine passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements.

8th:Jinggong Science & Technology was continued publicity as 2016 Zhejiang province AA class “Keep Contract”enterprise.

7th: JGCR1500 Carbon fiber winding machine was selected to 2016 Keqiao Science and Technology projects successfully.

3rd:Jinggong Science & Technology the eighth session Staff Technology Contest ended in a satisfactory way.


28th:“a nested frame structure of novel cold plate machine” and “a yarn twisting device” obtained patent for utility models.

27th:Jinggong Science & Technology was rated as “Zhejiang Fine Management Demonstration Enterprise”.

21st:“a hinge mechanism of plate bending machine” obtained patent for utility models.


12th:Jinggong Science & Technology convened 2015 Annual Meeting.

6th:Jinggong Science & Technology was identified as high-tech enterprises.

4th:“a pressing mechanism of cutting device”、“a support adjusting mechanism of thick plate bending machine” and “a coupling installation regulating mechanism of steel plate forming machine”obtained patent for utility models.

1st:“a automatic cutting machine” Obtain a patent for invention,“a speed control device for twisting machine combination”、“a roller guide protection device for polycrystalline silicon ingot cutting machine”、“a new ingot furnace thermal field structure” and “a new ingot furnace cooling device”obtained patent for utility models.


28th:Jinggong Science & Technology attended Solar PV Exhibition in Shanghai(SNEC).

24th:Shaoxing party secretary Chen Jinbiao investigated and surveyed in Jinggong Science & Technology accompany with municipal committee, party secretary general Wei Wei, Keqiao party secretary Xu Guolong, deputy mayor Ding Shengcha and district CPPCC chairman Meng Baigan. Jing gong group chairman of the board of directors Jin Liangshun,Jinggong Science & Technology chairman Sun Jianjiang、general manager Jin Yueshun and other leaders receive.

23rd:Jinggong Science & Technology undertook 2013 science and technology research project “JGT1000X Polyester ammonia integrated false twist texturing machine” acceptance meeting.

18th:Jinggong Science & Technology won China new energy industry contribution award.

15th:Jinggong Science & Technology attended the 117th Spring Canton Fair.

14th:Xiangxiang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Zhao Yehui with other 12 people, came to investigate and survey in Jinggong Science & Technology for the supervision of the NPC to support the development of regional real economy and other work, together with Keqiao people's Congress related leaders. Jinggong Science & Technology vice president Wang Yongfa received.


23rd:Jinggong Science & Technology invested Guyuan Yuanke Photovoltaic Power Generation Co., Ltd.


19th:Jinggong Science & Technology passed“Zhejiang export brand name” first compound identification.

16th:Jinggong Science & Technology was invited to participate the twentieth Essen Welding & Cutting Technology Exhibition which was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

13rd:Jinggong Science & Technology invested to build Zhejiang Huayu Motor Co., Ltd., and obtain a legal person business license.


29th:“A single spindle automatic stop switch device” obtain a utility model patent.


29th:Jinggong Science & Technology complete board of directors and board of supervisors election at expiration of office terms.

12th:Jinggong Science & Technology party committee was awarded two new organization party construction position standardization construction “Standard Unit” and “Four Star Grass Roots Party Organizations” by District Organization Department.

2nd:Environmental quality and safety system passed Wantai external annual audit.


19th:The product of Jinggong Science & Technology “corrugated web H type steel welding equipment”obtain a patent for invention.


29th:Additional share Zhejiang Huayu Electric Co., Ltd.

26th:Jinggong Science & Technology organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation.

19th:Jinggong Science & Technology passed the review of Shaoxing mayor quality award.

17th:Jinggong Science & Technology undertook China Electronics Industry Association Semiconductor Branch the six session of the fourth general assembly.


25th:Jingda pressing machine and Jinggong covered wire machine were identified as Shaoxing famous brand products.

21st:The company and the Zhejiang Precision Emerging Materials Co., Ltd. signed the first tons of carbon fiber production line《Product Sales Contract》.

18th:Keqiao Shaoxing Science and Technology Bureau organized experts to self evaluation of performance and field audit in Jinggong Science & Technology institute of district level key enterprises.

18th:“a novel polysilicon side layered heating device” and “a ingot furnace with side heater lifting device” obtain a utility model patent.


29th:Jinggong Science & Technology transferred 75% stock right of the subsidiary of Hangzhou Jinggong Electromechanical Institute Co., ltd.

29th:Jingda pressing machine passed the review of Zhejiang famous brand product.

28th:The precision manufacturing branch reformed to a subsidiary with independent legal personality separately, obtain the Zhejiang Jinggong Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. business license.

25th:Jinggong Science & Technology passed the safety production standardization three level enterprise comprehensive evaluation of Keqiao Shaoxing Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau.

23rd:Jinggong Science & Technology ended in a satisfactory way of the seventh Staff Technology Contest.

15th:Attended the propaganda of China Building Material Machinery Industry Top 20 in 2015 and Corporate Champion in All Professional.

11th:Jinggong Science & Technology ticket planning major asset restructuring suspension.

8th:Jinggong Science & Technology products of JGT1200 nylon machine computer control system and JGT600 air covered wire machine automatic control system applied the computer software patent protection successfully.

4th:Jinggong Science & Technology completed the “Annual output 2 sets carbon fiber complete sets of equipment building project” Filing work.


26: refinement technology held 2013 annual awards ceremony concluded.
20: refinement technology Spring tea party organized by retired workers.
16: refinement technology trade union federations "love to pass" warmth activities.
13: refinement technology is eligible 2013 China Building Material Machinery twenty strong.


14th: The company held a legal contract management knowledge training.


27: The company completed the "financial support for science and technology assessment" inspection.
3rd: The State Council Counsellors' Office, the US delegation to the Wilson Center company research.


18: Textile Equipment Academy refinement by 2013 the focus of the annual Academy of construction enterprises performance evaluation.
12th: The company won the China Building Material Machinery Industry innovative enterprises.
The 2nd: "JGT1200 cotton lun false-twist texturing machine" through scientific and technological enterprise Institute Pilot project acceptance.
1st: corporate environmental quality and safety system through Manhattan external annual audit.
1st: SEMICON China2014- refinement technology unveiled the world's largest semiconductor photovoltaic industry's top exhibition.


On the 21st: "one kind of secondary steel roll forming machine installation adjustment mechanism", "an steel chain on the machine-oriented organization," "an automatic stacking sheet turning device" by the national utility model patents.
10: Fan Fortunately Dong, Mao China Construction Group won the fifth "refinement model worker" title, the text following the joy, Lo Kin Cheung won the Group's fifth "refinement model" title.
4th: refinement technology to participate in the 115th Canton Fair.


The company participated in the exhibition in Essen Welding and Cutting, SNEC Eighth International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Exhibition.
On the 19th: China Ordnance Group younger trainees study refinement technology.
On the 4th: "a pseudo-twist texturing machine heating box" by the national utility model patents.


"Polyurethane rock wool composite panels continuous producti