Jinggong Technology launched a red educational activity to welcome "July 1" and learn "Two Mountains Theory"
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/07/02


From 1921, when the red boat on the Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing was sailed, to the end of the new era, the Communist Party of China has gone through 99 years of ups and downs. In this special year of 2020, in the face of the menacing new crown pneumonia epidemic, party organizations at all levels are actively promoting the exemplary role of party members as pioneers, building the first line of defense to stop the epidemic, and inserting a bright party flag in the prevention. At the forefront of epidemic control.


On July 1st, we ushered in the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. On this extraordinary day, in order to further in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, inherit and carry forward the party’s fine traditions and styles, and concentrate on science and technology The party committee organized a red educational activity to welcome the "July 1" and learn the "Two Mountains Theory". All party members, party affairs workers and volunteers of the New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control participated in this activity, and shared the hardships and difficulties of the country at the beginning of the party The national spirit that rose after the founding of the country and stood at a new historical node overlooking the great journey of the party.


On the morning of July 1st, our party members went to Anjiyu Village, the birthplace of the Two Mountains Theory, to launch a party day event on the theme of "July 1". In the 1970s, the Yucun bombing stone mine in Yucun developed rapidly, but the environmental pollution became more and more serious, which increasingly threatened the quality of life of the villagers. The pattern of sacrificing the environment in exchange for economic growth has increasingly highlighted its unsustainability. In August 2005, when Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, visited Yu Village, he learned that the village was determined to shut down the mine and explore a new model of green development. He gave a high evaluation and considered it as a "smart move". Put forward the two mountains theory that "green water and green mountain is the golden mountain and silver mountain", Yucun embarked on the innovation road of new rural construction. The current Yu Village has a beautiful environment. Villagers open farmhouses and bed and breakfasts and do rafting to transform the beautiful environment into a beautiful economy. Under the guidance of local tour guides, everyone re-traveled the road that General Secretary Xi Jinping had traveled, and learned the theory of the development of the two mountains on the spot, and felt the development of "green water and green mountains". At Yucun Cultural Square, all party members also revisited an oath to join the party, held an oath ceremony, traced the spiritual roots, and felt the original heart of the surge.


Not only Yucun, Anji County has been committed to green development, to achieve "the first rise in green development." Anji County, which has the reputation of "Chinese Bamboo Township", has formed an indissoluble bond with bamboo since ancient times. In the process of building a beautiful village, Anji relied on its unique bamboo resources and relied on bamboo culture to vigorously develop bamboo township unique industries. Nowadays, Anji bamboo has great application in the fields of construction and decoration. Bamboo fiber towels, bamboo mats, bamboo furniture and other Anji bamboo products are very popular among consumers. Our staff also paid a special visit to the Chinese Bamboo Expo Garden in Anji, approaching bamboo resources and learning to get rich green. In the China Bamboo Expo Park, everyone felt the broad imagination and unlimited enthusiasm of the people of Anji for the development and utilization of bamboo, and also learned that Anji successfully supported a green economy by relying on the bamboo industry by closely following the party’s concept of accelerating the promotion of green development and transformation Development model.

This theme party day event not only strengthened the company's party membership, but also stimulated the enthusiasm of the party members to actively participate in the work through field study. In the ninety-nine years of hard work, the party has always maintained flesh-and-blood ties with the masses of the people, and has won one victory after another. The company will also continue to encourage and give play to the exemplary role of party members, always firmly establish the political core role of party organizations in corporate governance, carefully grasp the direction, manage the overall situation, lead the development of the enterprise with party building, and promote the continuous progress of the enterprise!