Love the employees, send coolness in summer-Jinggong Technology launches high temperature condolences activities
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/07/31


The scorching sun is like a fire, and the heat is pressing. The high temperature and heat wave in our city has intensified since the fall. The scorching sun not only scorches the earth, but also brings physical discomfort to many employees. In order to complete the busy production tasks with high quality and quantity, and smoothly deliver all batches of project orders, the company's front-line employees stick to their respective jobs as always, overcome the impact of high temperature environment, work diligently, work overtime, and promote production. Practical actions show the spirit of ownership.


In order to ensure the safety and health of all front-line employees and do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling in high temperature seasons, the company leaders emphasized that heatstroke prevention and cooling work should be regarded as a major issue in safe production, so that employees can spend the summer heat more safely and comfortably. On July 30, the company's general manager assistant Chen Liang, labor union chairman Ding Hongwei and other people walked into the production line with towels, shower gel and other heatstroke prevention products, carried out high-temperature condolences, visited and sympathized front-line employees, and sent them to To cool and care, and to extend high respect and sincere thanks to the employees who braved the heat and continued to fight on the front line.


In recent years, the company has been committed to continuously improving the working environment of employees while developing production, and equipped employees' production sites with various cooling and ventilation facilities as much as possible, which greatly improved the production and working environment of employees. At the same time, under the leadership of the party committee, the company's labor union takes care of employees and serves employees as the principle, and safeguards the rights and interests of employees as its basic responsibility. It actively carries out various employee welfare activities to continuously improve the cohesion of employees and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of employees. Contribute to the development of the enterprise.