Jinggong Robot successfully held the "Automatic Flat Mask Machine" "Made in Zhejiang" group standard kick-off meeting and seminar
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/08/11

Recently, the "Automatic Flat Mask Machine" "Made in Zhejiang" group standard kick-off meeting and seminar, led by Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation and drafted by Zhejiang Jinggong Robot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., was successfully held in the Jinggong Robot Conference Room. The meeting invited Chen Pan, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation, Shou Ye Section Chief of Keqiao District Market Supervision Administration, Engineer Lv Xiaosi of Zhejiang Institute of Standardization, Professor Liang Lihua of School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Fangyuan Inspection Group Co., Ltd. More than ten people including senior engineer Chen Bingnan and representatives of drafting units and standard editing units attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Secretary-General Chen Pan presided over and introduced the overall situation of "Made in Zhejiang" brand building and the new requirements and new policies for standard development, encouraging Jinggong robots to actively exert their production and technical advantages, standardize the quality of related products, and effectively improve the overall requirements of the industry. Then, Section Chief Shou Ye delivered a speech, suggesting that all units should actively cooperate, improve standards, and strictly control quality during the standard development process. At the same time, he sincerely appealed to experts and leaders to give valuable opinions and suggestions to speed up the standard release process. Subsequently, Wang Wei, technical director of Jinggong Robotics, introduced in detail the product status, standard draft and advanced description of the "Fully Automatic Flat Mask Machine". In the end, the participants had a lively discussion on the product manufacturing process, performance indicators, test methods and inspection rules regarding the draft standard, striving to keep up with the advanced and top-notch requirements of the "Made in Zhejiang" standard and improve product competitiveness . In the end, after discussion at the meeting, the experts present fully affirmed the efforts and market influence that Jinggong Robot has made on the project, and put forward valuable comments on the content of the draft standard.


In the next step, Jinggong Robot will form a draft of the standard for soliciting comments as soon as possible in accordance with the "Made in Zhejiang" standard formulation requirements and the revision opinions proposed by the expert group, and complete the bid preparation work. In the future, Jinggong Robots will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration with industry experts, relevant associations, and peer companies, make full use of the technological advantages of its own products, and use the "Made in Zhejiang" brand as an opportunity to accelerate product quality improvement and iterative upgrades, and promote High-quality development in manufacturing.