"Eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and build a strong line of defense"-Jinggong Technology continues to promote "Safe Production Month" activities
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/08/26

In order to comprehensively publicize and implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s major decisions on production safety, and effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of safety production accidents within the enterprise, Jinggong Technology closely follows the safety production theme of "eliminating hidden accidents and strengthening safety lines of defense". From June to August, a series of "Safety Production Month" activities will be carried out across the company.

"Hang safe production banners and post posters"


In early June, the company's administrative management center posted safety production banners and posters in the workshop, used eye-catching banners and safety knowledge wall charts to improve the readability and intuitiveness of the promotion, and carried out extensive pre-heating promotion for the "Safety Production Month" event , Improve employee safety awareness.

"Participate in the company's employee safety training"


On July 8, our company organized a total of 24 cadres and employees to participate in the 2020 safety training for corporate security officers held by Huashe Street. Through intensive learning and teaching, the cadres and employees deeply learned various laws, regulations and safety skills. , Strengthened the awareness of safety in production, established the awareness of "safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai", and made it clear that in the future, we will serve all tasks with the concept of "no safety, nothing".

"Participate in the training of safety production (fire) skills project system"


From August 12th to 13th, the company organized a total of 527 employees to participate in the Keqiao District Emergency Management Bureau, Keqiao District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Keqiao District Federation of Trade Unions jointly organized by Keqiao District Safety Production (Fire Protection) Skills project system training. During the training, the lecturer listed several typical safety accidents that have occurred in Shaoxing in recent years. Starting from the facts, through in-depth and detailed case analysis, he analyzed the causes of the accidents and demonstrated the severity of the accidents. Warn employees to take precautions in their daily work, improve their awareness and ability to prevent accidents, and prevent accidents from happening. Through this training, the employees of the company have fully realized the importance of the current safety production situation and the prevention of safety accidents, and have mastered the operation points of various safety work and technical specifications.

``Conduct the 2020 emergency rescue training for heat stroke''


On August 17, the company held the 2020 emergency rescue training for heat stroke. This training specially invited Zhou Weijun, the attending doctor of the Huashe Branch of Shaoxing Central Hospital to come to our company to give a lecture. Dr. Zhou explained the definition, etiology and clinical manifestations of heat stroke. , Emergency treatment measures and preventive measures were explained in detail, and on-site practical exercises were carried out on the patient's departure from the high temperature scene, cooling and rehydration, and medical treatment. The entire training process was standardized and orderly, with effective measures, and achieved the expected results. The successful implementation of this training has further improved the self-protection ability and emergency coordination and handling ability of our employees in response to heat stroke, laying a solid foundation for safe production in summer.

"Conduct high temperature condolences"


From July to August, the company's general manager assistant Chen Liang, labor union chairman Ding Hongwei and other people walked into the production line with beverages, towels, shower gel and other heatstroke prevention products, visited and consoled the front-line employees, and sent them cool With care and love, and to extend high respect and sincere thanks to the employees who are still fighting on the front line during the high temperature.

"Using inspections to promote safety and carrying out large-scale investigation activities for hidden dangers"

The company regularly organizes comprehensive inspections of production safety throughout the factory every month, focusing on inspections of fire safety, electrical safety, workplace environmental safety, and special equipment safety, etc., and promptly take measures to correct hidden dangers and problems detected to eliminate potential safety hazards. At the same time, all workshops manage and inspect the staff's daily safety protection equipment and safe operation behaviors in a timely manner, promptly correct all kinds of violations and violations, and eliminate the risk of industrial accidents.

 "Safety is above everything else, and the responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. Strengthen the red line awareness and ensure safe production." In recent years, the company has continuously promoted various activities of the Safety Production Month, so that employees deeply realize that "safety is the top priority of work", and all production work must be based on safety. However, if safety work is to be effective, it is inseparable from the company's emphasis on safety education and the strengthening of safety training. In the future production work, the company will continue to establish and improve various safety rules and regulations and ensure their long-term implementation, fully implement the safety production responsibility system for all employees, effectively implement preventive measures, and do a good job in supervision and assessment, from the source and details Containing and preventing the occurrence of safety accidents will lay a solid foundation for the safe and harmonious development of enterprises.